Fischer TURNamic

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There are some important new developments in the cross country skiing marketplace: newly developed bindings and cross country boot soles will be presented under the TURNAMIC® brand by Fischer with the 17l18 range.

The new TURNAMIC® soles and TURNAMIC®bindings are compatible with the worldwide established NNN® sole profile*. Skiers at all levels from World Cup athletes to recreational skiers of all ages will benefit from the experience of the Nordic specialist Fischer. With ground-breaking technologies, the new products are intuitive and easy to use which is an important step in growing the appeal to new customers of the immensely attractive sport of cross country skiing.

Sigge's Children's Trade-In Program Policy

For many years Sigge's has offered a trade-in program designed to help youngsters and their families discover the wonderful sport of cross-country skiing at a very reasonable price. Best suited for classic skiing children between 4-10 years of age we are happy to trade-in equipment using the following helpful guidelines. - Offered seasonally from October 1st [...]

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