Sigge's Children's Trade-In Program Policy

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Sigge's offers a trade-in program designed to help youngsters and their families discover the wonderful sport of cross-country skiing at a very reasonable price. Best suited for classic skiing children between 4-10 years of age we are happy to trade-in equipment using the following helpful guidelines.

- Offered seasonally from October 1st to March 31st.

- Proof of purchase required.

- Equipment to have originated in 'new' condition from Sigge's within the past 3 years.

- Applicable to children's equipment only purchased 'new' from our children's category.

- Eligible children's cross-country ski equipment must be complete and in good condition.


Every Fall we accumulate a variety of used, mostly classic children's cross-country ski equipment with the best selection of used gear typically corresponding with our annual Jackrabbit Ski Swap which occurs at our shop on the first Sunday morning in November from 8-11am.

During this event we have plenty of staff on hand to provide assistance with the correct sizing.

Generally skis and poles (if required) can be sized to work for 2 seasons depending on ability level, whereas new boots are required annually.

Here's an example of the math:

Used Classic Equipment
New Classic Equipment
(Eligible for Trade-In)
Trade-In Value
Within 3 years
Skis w/bindings - $79
Skis w/bindings - $139 $50
Boots - $49 Boots - $79 $30
Poles - $15 Poles - $29 $10
Total - $143 Total - $247 Total - $90

See you at the Jackrabbit Swap!

Your Sigge's Team.