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  • Proflip offers great protection in varying weather conditions. Flip the visor up or down as you want and stay protected when you really need it. Visors are known for delivering great performance and comfort while skiing .

30mm adjustable silicone strap and soft foam on the inside ensures a comfortable ride. Proflip has got several success stories behind it and has been used extensively by both amateurs and elite in cross-country skiing and biathlon.
    Proflip OTG w/extra lens
  • Bliz Snow Visor is a Snow shield that effectively protects against annoying snowfall. Snowfall often expose unnecessary strain for the eyes with poor visibility as a result.

Snow Visor has been designed to be simple in construction and instead sit light and fine on the head . With its adjustable strap, you can set the screen completely as desired.

The snow visor feature a soft foam on the inside for a comfortable fit against the face when you go short as well as long distances. Snow Visor is optimal for cross-country skiing but perfect also for other winter sports where snowfall is an obstacle.
    Snow Visor Black/Clear
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