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Sigge’s experienced sales staff, all of whom are serious long term skiers, pride themselves in helping customers select the perfect pair of cross-country skis. In fact, ‘we would rather not sell you skis at all, than sell you the wrong pair’. As one of Canada’s oldest and largest specialty Nordic ski shops we have earned the trust of customers by consistently applying this philosophy, at times discouraging customers from purchasing skis that are simply a ‘good deal’ or ‘close enough’, as these skis will not perform well and ultimately do not nurture a long term relationship with our customers. Thankfully, industry standards have improved dramatically over the years resulting in much greater overall quality and consistency in ski construction, pair matching, flex (camber), base material and temperature specific base structures created by state of the art ‘Factory Stone Grinding’. High performance skate & classic skis now come from the factories in Europe with a host of technical data to help narrow the parameters in selecting the perfect pair of skis. But, still require insightful interpretation and in-store testing using an apparatus that tests one ski at a time generating Sigge’s Camber Verification seal of approval.

An accurate skier profile is paramount in facilitating the perfect ski selection process. Parameters such as; technique (skate vs. classic), skier weight, ability level, prevailing snow conditions, ski area grooming & frequency, gender, age, strength, motivation and frequency of intended usage, should all be taken into consideration. 

If you are a high end skier and require more specific information on our ski assessment and selection process please call the shop and ask for the Manager or email

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